Cherika  Randle resides in Houston, Texas. A mother of two beautiful children. She enjoys working out and cooking when she is not writing. Being a Multiple Sclerosis survivor, she expresses vividly that her condition drives her to write and inspire others. She also is the author of “Purposes, Wisdom and Manifested Promises” published in 2023. Cherika will continue to write many books and currently working on her second children’s book.

about the book

In “Anna’s Lesson Was God’s Blessing,” Cherika Randle shares a powerful story of faith, resilience, and divine guidance. Follow Anna as she faces adversity, discovers the purpose behind her struggles, and learns to trust in God’s plan. This uplifting and heartfelt tale will inspire readers to find hope in the midst of challenges and embrace the blessings that come from unwavering faith. Embark on a transformative journey with “Anna’s Lesson Was God’s Blessing” and experience the profound power of divine blessings in your own life. ORDER YOUR COPY TODAY.